Give Thanks
Give Thanks
Give Thanks

Give Thanks

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November is all about sharing time with friends and family. Beautiful, handcrafted items are included in this gift box to share with those special to you. Give thanks and gratitude for all in our lives. 

This makes a great gift for

  • Teachers
  • Host/Hostess
  • Thank you
  • Foodie


A few of our subscription boxes remain and are first come first serve! 


Breakout Press Co.: "Thankful" Kitchen Tea Towel. French cotton cloth printed with the message "There's Always Something to be Grateful For!"  is perfect for any home. 

Cards by Design- Dana Anders: Artisan Cheese Markers:  Hammered & stamped by hand, making each of these rustic markers unique. Perfect for any cheese board!

Healthy Gourmet Kitchen: Country Chicken Noodle Soup Mix:
Great for leftovers or feeding a large gathering. Full of fresh dried pasta noodles and veggies. Warms the soul on a cold day!

Riverside Maple Farms: Maple Candy:
One of the most popular items found at the local farmer's market, this sweet treat is made with 100% NYS Maple syrup. A taste of New England in every bite! 

*Limited quantities

All gifts are packed in our kraft mailers and will ship within 1-3 business days.